Cous cous everywhere

First day of paddling today. Launched from Black Rock picnic area into a very misty Bristol channel. The tops of the bridge pillars disappeared at one point. After handrailing the Welsh coast we decided to go for it over to Denny Island. Top speed 9 knots. After getting the forecast decided against staying on Flatholm, difficult decision as we passed very close to the island. The wind had picked up and typically was in our faces. After a well earned rest stop at Lavernock paddled on to Sully Island. After carrying boats up discovered Kay’s back hatch half full of water and cous cous floating around in a salt water soup. It was the men’s turn to cook, and we were treated to a feast. We owe the Moveable Feasts author a vote of thanks. Oh and the tarp from Pete Baars came in handy too. Hope it stops raining tomorrow. I think we’ll all sleep well tonight.


3 comments on “Cous cous everywhere

  1. dede says:

    Handy having your couscous pre-soaked and salt already added.
    Now you know you were paddling extra weight Kay anything is possible.
    Happy paddling today. Hope the weather’s with you.

    Off to Ireland tomorrow and will lookout for you as we pass over Bristol Channel
    Dede and Eileen

  2. Kathy Frankland says:

    Sounds like an eventful first day! I like the sound of the Moveable Feasts book, might have to look that one up. I’m glad to see the weather has now improved for at least a day and you should have a fine day’s paddling ahead of you all. The cous-cous made me chuckle.
    Kathy x

  3. Mark Davies says:

    Good luck guys and stay safe.

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