Marooned at the Mumbles

Well it has been an interesting couple of days. Left Sully Island and handrailed the coast to Porthcawl. Decided not to stop and pushed on rou d the coast. After a twelve hour day, eventually found a break in the coast that allowed us to land through some surf. The boys were on the tea and fire duty. Suffice to say the the boys are winning the first heats of ‘Come Dine With Me’, although the girls are expected to win soon. The wine was all but finished, and the sloe gin is all gone. Rum and whisky left….

Today was the crossing from Port Talbot, which was ‘interesting’ at times. The sea kicked up a bit, so stopped at the Mumbles. After asking at the RNLI, scrounged a ‘camp’ at Mumbles Sailing Club.


One comment on “Marooned at the Mumbles

  1. jan says:

    guess whos doing the cooking when he arrives home (ainsley)

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