Porth Eynon

We have been stuck at Porth Eynon, before worms head, for a couple of days and the weather forecast isn’t great. The next stage is a big crossing of Carmarthen bay.

Rob is the winner of the first round of Come Dine With Me.


6 comments on “Porth Eynon

  1. pete evans says:

    just got back from wet and windy week aberdaron – got two short paddles, thinking of you guys…..keep an eye to windward…Pete

  2. Dot Steven ma in law says:

    Ainsley left the tin opener at home .Dot

  3. Jan says:

    Come on girls, don’t let the men win outright. Judging by the forecast, it doesn’t look like Carmarthen Bay today, weather is bad most everywhere inc. Europe though looks as if Scotland has fared better. Jan

  4. Carole & Bob says:

    Hi Steve and fellow shipmates. Will be following your journey with great interest. The scenery looks fantastic. Will keep some champagne on ice for when you reach Chester. Hope you are not using Tom Tom! Best wishes Carole & Bob

  5. rintinbrin says:

    sounds like you are all have the stiff upper lip, and a chnace to hone those al fresco culinary skills. very impressive. safe haven from the ‘monsoon’ that was coming. good luck on the next leg
    dede and eileen

  6. getpaddling says:

    Come on with the cooking girls … maybe you’re leaving the best dishes as secret. Keep snug.. hope you found a pub and imagine everyone else paddling aroud the UK etc snug in pubs as well….!!
    Good Luck with crossing the Bay… there several routes to choose… F4 head wind tomorrow but dropping off in the afternoon. Sunday there is nothing until F3/4 in the afternoon (W of course). next week guys the wind (at the moment>>) looks FANTASTIC! //Eila xx

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