Pembrokeshire Heaven

Wow, an amazing last few days. We left the Gower behind with a 30km open crossing from Worm’s Head to Caldey Island. Caldey provided spiritual enlightenment, it’s a very beautiful place. Next up, after dodging the firing range at Penally we were met at Barafundle by the Castlemartin patrol boat. As the range was very active we were kindly escorted 3 nm out to sea, and then back! The swell and wind had picked uup sufficiently to hamper progress. Paddling in a chunky following sea with a 3 m swell with tanks firing ringing in our ears will be a memorable experience.  So after a rethink on a beach by St Govans Head we decided the best plan was to paddle round Castlemartin on the evening tide. Paddling around the huge cliffs and the Green Bridge of Wales sea arch in the setting sun was sublime. Navigating into West Angle at midnight in the fog was a very interesting experience.


2 comments on “Pembrokeshire Heaven

  1. getpaddling says:

    Good on you guys! We on our way to bardsey island today- wind picking up.. We got it SE so hope you have the same so you’re in the lee of it. Have you girls won a few supper heats yet…?? Xx / Eila

  2. Rich says:

    Sounds like a very long, tiring and ‘interesting’ day, nice one.
    Will look forward to hearing about it in more detail on your return. Rich.

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