Solva to Parrog

After a bar supper at Solva, and a discrete camp beside the coastal path, we were on the water for just after eight. Paddled through Ramsey Sound, past St David’s Head, past Strumble Head and Dinas Head, and on to Parrog. Arrived at Parrog sometime after eight, and took about two hours to get boats and gear up to the campsite. With the incoming weather, the chance of a bunkhouse was grabbed, and by around eleven at night were sitting down to some welcome curry, followed with banana malt loaf and rum laced custard :-). We then shared some whisky with the owner…. and treated to some home made cider in return. We slept well.

After a lazy start on Thursday, spent the day being a tourist.

Today (Friday) will be spent watching the wind and rain, and drinking lots of tea, as the whisky is all but finished.


2 comments on “Solva to Parrog

  1. Rich says:

    Whiskey, rum, cider, cake and custard ?
    Now THAT’s what a proper kayak trip is all about ! ;-))

  2. getpaddling says:

    Hey you’re living it up! Fantastic… Sounds like heaps of fun and adventures!! Wind droppimg off Sunday- and next week looks Awesome… Paddle wise.
    How are the bodies holding up? Any giant bliisters or anything yet??
    You’re spot on about our coastline Rosie- paddled back from Bardsey via Porth Oer yesterday… Never oaddled that bit of the coast… Wow!! Maybe you’ll be that area next week! Keep me posted if you are as we’ll be back down again… Can bring you chocolate amd jelly babies… Although sounds like more whiskey is needed…/ Eila Xx.

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