It’s not getting easier …

We are still in Newport. Think we need to move on to give  our livers a rest. Spent yesterday on a guided tour with our campsite owner in Cwm Gwaun brewery, then onto the Dyffryn Arms, reputedly the oldest pub in Wales. Spent all afternoon with many interesting characters and my stomach muscles now ache from laughing so much (thought the paddling would have sorted these out by now). We met Charles’s Darwin’s great great grandson, an international peace prize winner, a south Walian harbourmaster and Bessie the famous landlady of the pub.

I have no idea how many units  of alcohol were consumed.  Today has been much more sober. Explored Newport, and gently declined an invite to be taken to Bessie’s again. Big news, the girls won this round of come dine with me. Psyching ourselves up to move on tomorrow. Will be sad to leave Pembrokeshire.


2 comments on “It’s not getting easier …

  1. Tinto Dave says:

    Sounds like a Rob Burgess sort of trip. Coffee shops and pubs !!
    I am just back in after 7 hours out on the water – (in heavy rain )

  2. Kathy Frankland says:

    it sounds like a very memorable day and food for the soul – if not destruction for the liver! hope you get to set off again soon. Well done the girls too!
    Kathy x

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