Thank you all

There’s quite a few thanks that we need to give to various people. A huge thanks must go to the friends and families of Rob, Steve, Kay and Rosie who have shown fantastic support. In particular is Janice, Steve’s wife, and Dave, Rosie’s Dad for providing transport down to Chepstow and pick-up in Chester (as well as sorting a very convenient exit from the Dee in the centre of Chester). A massive thanks to Eila Wilkinson and Nigel Dennis for providing Rosie with a Pilgrim Expedition for the trip, and for the fab Lendal paddle. Thanks also to Ann Turner at Kari-tek for providing a set of paddle blades and dealing with last minute requests. Thanks for all the support from numerous members of the Snowdonia Canoe Club, to everyone who followed the blog and for all the great comments and feedback sent to us. It’s fuelled our enthusiasm for the trip, and kept us entertained. And lastly, thanks to everybody on the trip for making it so memorable. Without that wok Kay, the Come Dine with Me competition just wouldn’t have been the same.


2 comments on “Thank you all

  1. Carole & Bob says:

    Congratulations and well done to you all on your fantastic achievement. We were hoping to meet you all in Chester as we live nearby but had booked a couple of days in Criccieth and only came back today. We have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your next adventure! Keep paddling!

  2. Bulu Imam says:

    Dear Steve, Rob, Kay and Rosie, That was a memorable meeting in Bessy’s Dufferyn Arms in the GWNN Valley and the subsequent gathering at Pengwddn. Saw your website. Congratulations on your great achievement and send me a photo of that Island of the Welsh coast. Keep in touch via the internet. Good Kayaking! With best wishes from Bulu Imam in Hazaribagh (Jharkhand), Eastern India

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